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BOSTD Geosynthetics

UNSURPASSED PRODUCT QUALITY & TECHNICAL BACKING ... A short phrase that sums up both the parameters set by Hanes Geo Components in its search for a manufacturing partner of biaxial geogrids ... and those delivered through the synergy of BOSTD Geosynthetics Qingdao, Ltd. (BOSTD Geosynthetics) and NewGrids, Ltd (NewGrids).

BOSTD Geosynthetics, located in Qingdao, China is a world-class manufacturer of punch-and-stretched, polymeric geogrids, both biaxial and uniaxial.  Founded on the principal of producing only high-quality products, it’s trade-named products, E’GRID® geogrids, are used in over 60 countries, setting the standards worldwide for reliability and quality in meeting specifications and developing expected results.

The capability to continuously produce at such high standards has been achieved with the help of NewGridsNewGrids is a partnership between Cyril Kennerley, retired Engineering and Licensing Director of Netlon Ltd. and Nigel Wrigley, who previously held the positions of Technical & Manufacturing Director of Netlon, Ltd. and Research & Technical Director of Netlon Group Limited/Tensar International Ltd., after an earlier career in the manufacture and development of oriented plastic films.

Prior to his employment with Netlon, Ltd, Mr. Wrigley was ‘on loan’ from his employer for two years to assist Dr. Brian Mercer, owner of Netlon Ltd, and his team develop the invention that became known as Tensar® geogrids.  In the first cited position with Netlon, Ltd, Mr. Wrigley was responsible for all aspects of converting the company’s newly patented technology for the manufacture of high strength, polymeric geogrids for civil engineering use (Tensar technology) into an international operational reality.  This included the establishment of three manufacturing facilities:

• The first Tensar plant at Netlon Ltd., Blackburn, UK - 1982
• Licensed plants under Netlon Ltd
    - Tensar Corporation, Atlanta, USA - 1983/84
    - Nippon Tensar, Tokyo (near), Japan - 1989/90

The only ‘Tensar’ plant not planned and established under the direction of Mr. Wrigley is that based in Wuhan, China.

Due to the experience NewGrids provided, BOSTD Geosynthetics was the first manufacturer (worldwide) producing quality, punch-and-stretched biaxial geogrids using a ‘continuous flow’ process, i.e., one single operation from polymer pellet movement into the extruder to finished product rolls (the basic processes of extrusion, punching and stretching were previously took three separate steps).  The benefit of continuous flow processing enables significantly less time gaps between production and QC evaluation.  The shortened turn-times result in far less off-quality material production and lowered operational costs - both of which assist in end-user economy.
BOSTD Geosynthetics, coupled with NewGrids, provide the same quality execution when producing the TerraGrid® products distributed by Hanes Geo Components.  Dependable, field-proven, biaxial geogrids - a result of a manufacturer with a vision and the resolution to produce high-quality products and the technical expertise to develop and maintain its goals.  BOSTD Geosynthetics E’GRID and TerraGrid biaxial geogrids - meeting the parameters set by Hanes Geo Components.